By Shannon Gwamna

With few months left to the elective national convention of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, a frontline contender to the seat of the National Chairman, Dr. Abdulaziz A. Yari said he was still very much in the race.

The ex-Zamfara Governor made known his position through the AA Yari Support Group recently in Abuja.

Ex-Governor Yari said he was out to contest the Chairmanship of the ruling APC to restore hope and internal democracy.

He said the party needs focused leadership to deliver it during the 2023 general elections promising to unite the party from divisions that are rearing themselves up.

According to ex-Governor Yari, party politics needs direction, and “we must ensure the manifesto of the party is improved upon and make it more workable”.

He said the ward and local government congresses held so far in the country attests to the unity of the party especially the consensus adopted in most circumstances provided the party with a political roadmap that will move the party to victory.

According to Yari, politicians must embrace the spirit of oneness and avoid heating the polity by their actions and inactions insisting there must be a synergy that will drive the affairs of the party and by and large the nation.

According to Yari, what the party needs now is to close the gap that has been created through minor divisions and lack of understanding in areas that needed the collective participation of party members at all levels.

He called for continued cooperation amongst key stakeholders and the new party leaders that emerged from the ward and local government congresses to attain the desired unity and growth of the party.

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