By Lengs

Waking up on a sofa, the next day Mr. Ben had no idea what happened the previous night, drunkenness had led him to a brothel where he passed the night. Still unaware of his surrounding, he called out to his daughter, “Jane! Jane! Come get ready for breakfast”. A very syntillating matured voice answered him, “I’m making the breakfast honey”. Ben was confused; still half way dizzy, wondering when Jane his little daughter started cooking. Amidst thoughts, a beautiful young girl walked in from the kitchen, “Take your breakfast honey”. “Who are you? Ben queried. My name is Jane, we met yesterday and I brought you here because you were drunk”. Ben hurriedly got up and cleared his face, “Jane is missing he said”. “I am right here dear” she quipped. “Noooo, I mean my daughter Jane, I left her at home to come back in the evening. “Jane was gone”, he thought to himself, wondering how careless he was. He called his mother’s number to find out if Jane is with her, but the phone was switched off. Ben was terrified. He said his weird neighbour who just moved in might have kidnapped jane when they heard him say he will be back in the evening from his friend’s birthday party. He had never stayed late at night. But had to attend his best friend’s birthday party. “I can’t imagine I ended up here with you, leaving my only daughter at home. “I wanted taking you home but you said there was no point, so I brought you, the lady said. “I am not sure. You must have drugged me to kidnap my daughter”. He hurriedly called the security operatives and they arrested Jane his night companion and his neighbours. When news got to his elder sister that he was at the police station, she went to see him and asked what the issue was. Ben told her jane was kidnapped by this people. “Jane? When? How? Jane had been staying with her grand mother for years and Ben visited her before leaving for the birthday”, the sister told the officers. What really happened, the officer in-charge inquired. After a while, Ben remembered that he had had a dream that night about his neighbour threatening to kidnap his daughter. And when he woke up not seeing jane, he decided to arrest them.

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