By Lengs


FORCE: We need to maintain power at all cost.

WILL: I know.

FORCE: So what do we do?

WILL: Get the right person.

FORCE: No, maintain some one on the throne to continue.

WILL: Why?

FORCE: That way we can win at all cost.

WILL: Hmmm. I see your reason.

FORCE: But he has no shoes.

WILL: That is another problem.

FORCE: We could also use that to get the masses.

WILL: But do we have to tell them?

FORCE: Yes, to make them feel he was one of them.

WILL: That is quite strategic.

FORCE: It will capture everyone.

WILL: Are you sure?

FORCE: Yes. I smell winning with my nose?

WILL: The shoe is here.

FORCE: Hurray. I have shoes.

WILL: If you wear it, can you walk?

FORCE: Why not.

WILL: Wear it now and start walking.

FORCE: The shoe is heavy.

WILL: Does that mean you can’t walk?

FORCE: I can walk.

WILL: Then start walking.


WILL: We said walk. If you hadn’t glasses and hat, we would have given you.

FORCE: I am not complaining.

WILL: Then lets see you walking.

FORCE: I am walking.

WILL: Yes in reverse form.

FORCE: My friend, walking is walking

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