By Albert Akota

Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), has given the Director General
National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), 7 days ultimatum to release kidnapped corps members.

The groups said Miss Iorliam Awashima Jennifer and several corps members were kidnapped on their way to camps.

The group also threatened to mobilize Nigerians and #occupyNYSCheadquarters untill the right thing is done.

The Convener of the group, Rev Solomon Semaka Solomon, said, “There are media reports indicating that some prospective corps members deployed to some parts of the country, particularly the North were abducted by bandits while on their way to answer the “compulsory” national call of duty. This sad incident among many unreported others occured on October 20, 2021 along Zamfara axis.

“These reports have been confirmed to be true. It is indeed a thing of concern to Nigerians as to why the NYSC directorate under your supervision has deliberately refused to utilise her discretion to ensure the safety of young prospective corps members yearning to serve their fatherland.

“Consequently, the Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) is in receipt of various petitions from accross the country including from Diaspora Nigerians.”

The group said the NYSC failed to utilise reasonable discretion to ensure the safety of lives of prospective corps members, thus exposing them to “avoidable” danger.

The group said its review also indicated that the NYSC can not make the service mandatory and at the same time neglect the duty of care bestowed on the directorate to ensure a smooth national service program for prospective corps members.

“That it is unfair for young nigerians who do not want to break the law to be exposed and left at the mercy of lawless bandits.

“That the NYSC is required to; within seven(7) days ensure the release of the abducted corps members.

“That the NYSC should review further deployment of prospective corps members to volatile parts of the country pending when reasonable peace is restored in volatile parts of the country.

“That the NYSC should consider a whollistic review to determine if there is any need for the scheme at this period that the country is unsafe in many forms.

“That the NYSC considers other areas to engage prospective corps members within areas of relative peace and specifically of choice to prospective corps members.

“The NYSC should immediately contact families of the affected victims and reassure them of government desire to ensure the safe return of their wards.”

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