By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Ahmed Audi explained how he corrected anomalies and stagnation in the agency’s promotion exercise since he came on board.

The CG said he elevated people who were stagnated for five years and above to reposition the service and boost confidence if staff.

Audi, stated this yesterday at the headquarters of the corps in Abuja, while decorating newly promoted officers.

He said before his coming on board, it is on record that stagnation which cuts across all ranks in the Service has dampened staff morale, heightened indiscipline and has also led to loss of confidence in the system, borne out of perceived injustice, and unregulated pattern of promotion. “In addition, there were no set standards for measuring performance and career progression in the Corps.

“I therefore decided to take the bull by the horn to correct this anomaly by ensuring regular promotion to restore staff confidence and boost their morale which was at the lowest ebb.
Confronted by this challenge, I made a commitment to address the observed irregularities especially in the promotion of officers and men as well as the issue of career progression and I can state with a sense of pride, responsibility and dignity that, I have kept to my promise.

“The recent promotion exercise where over 21,000 personnel benefitted is a true reflection of our commitment to matching words with action. The exercise was unprecedented in the history of the Service and a marked departure from past experiences.

“Let me on this note express my warm and sincere appreciations to the Honourable Minister of Interior who doubles as the Chairman of the Governing Board for his unwavering support and assistance in making this dream a reality. Let me equally appreciate the Secretary to the Board and other members of the Governing Board for their contribution in our efforts to eliminate stagnation in the Service.
“I am particularly gladdened and elated by the fact that this is the beginning of the end to stagnation in the Corps as we are committed to maintaining the same tempo to create a strong incentive, high morale and job satisfaction for staff.
“Let me remind all officers being decorated today that your elevation calls for higher responsibilities and is therefore expected to motivate and increase your involvement, commitment and increased productivity which is expected to reflect in the overall performance of our statutory responsibilities. It is equally expected to reflect in job efficiency, effectiveness and dedication as well as increased loyalty.
“This promotion offers you an opportunity for greater self-actualization through more varied and challenging assignment. It is expected that you will prove your mettle and will not be found wanting in the discharge of your duties. I wish to state with every sense of responsibility that we have succeeded in eliminating bias and all forms of favouritism in our promotion exercise, a situation that will minimize discontent and misgivings of the past.”

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