By Tobias Lengnan Dapam
The Federation of Informal Workers’ Organizations of Nigeria (FIWON) said it will join other civil society organizations to protest against hardship in the country.

FIWON in a statement issued on Sunday by Frances Bamidele Onokpe and Gbenga Komolafe,                                        
President and General Secretary of the organization urged                                                                        
 government to repair all local refineries within the next 6 months.
“Government should reversal the fuel pump price to pre-29 May prices.
“Stop and reverse the free fall of the naira with immediate effect: the free market floating of the naira has benefited only a few rich people with dollars while making goods and services more expensive for poor people.
“Halt the restriction of movement of food items from the North to the South: It worsens food scarcity in the South and makes it impossible for farmers in the North to sell their produce and gain revenue to buy other essentials apart from food. 
“Nothing for us without us: Social safety nets targeting workers in the informal economy must be disbursed through organisations of the working people themselves to avoid a few government officials stealing palliative measures designed to help the working poor and vulnerable Nigerians.
“Provision of free and quality education as a right. Education should not be a commodity to make money.
“Universal access to quality public health services: the health insurance schemes is not working in the informal sector because of irregular incomes to pay.
“Tax the rich and reduce the large amounts paid to public officers: To stop hunger and fund social services, government officials current pay should be reduced by 50% while super rich people should be made to pay more tax to free resources to take care of social services.
“Stop demolition of public spaces and work clusters where informal people work, without providing affordable alternatives”.

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