At 21 years of age Edoardo Santini has taken the decision to leave behind his promising career as a model to join a seminary in the hope of becoming a priest.

The move may come as a surprise, considering Santini won a national competition in 2019 that led him to be dubbed “Italy’s most handsome man.” With his good looks and engaging personality he seemed to be destined for a life of celebrity. However, God has other plans for the young man.
He shared his exciting news on social media in a video that explained how he was taking the path “to become, God willing, a priest.”

His decision was partly helped by the people who have been “showing me what it means to ‘be Church,’ have given me the strength to investigate this question that I had been carrying around since I was little.” A question he “didn’t delve into because of fear.”

The Italian has been vocal about his faith and a potential calling on his social media since January 2020, in which he explained:

“Living in God doesn’t mean locking yourself inside the church but rather living one’s life more fully.”
Santini’s decision has come after careful consideration and preparation. He’d shared how the decision “terrified him” for fear of rejection. However, last year he spent time living with two priests, which he felt was “the most beautiful experience of my life,” as shared by Catholic World Report.
This experience enabled him to “find in everyday life the answer that I hoped for, which has come to me from above.”
Now the former model is busy studying theology, as well as serving in two parishes in the diocese of Florence. And hopefully he’ll inspire other young men to listen out for a potential calling, and to embrace it rather than be afraid.


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