By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

Politicians have been called upon to connect to God as we approach the 2023 general elections to avoid dragging the country to the mud.

This was contained in a statement issued on Thursday by his Media Aide, Ayuba Pam.

Speaking during this year’s Annual Prayer Conference of Chaplains of State Houses at the Plateau State Government House Chapel, Jos, Thursday, September 23, 2021, Rev Yakubu Pam, the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, NCPC, noted unless our politicians realize the importance of connecting to God, the country will continue to drift to the precipice.

Speaking on “The increase of His Peace” the NCPC boss who was the guest preacher at the second edition of the Chaplains’ Conference said, “in Nigeria and the world over there seems to be crises rocking the nations and even in the church and the family due to the absence of Peace”!

Reading from the books of Isaiah 9:7-10; Mark 4:35-38 and Psalms 23:1-5, he noted that Christ’s Government was established on Peace that lives for all eternity.

He said Jesus is still on the throne and until we recognize He’s on the throne we shall continue to live in confusion insisting on the need to be steadfast in our Christian lives to avoid confusion.

He said God is still speaking in His way as He is still on the throne. His government will continue and He will continue to reign.

According to Rev Pam Peace is not attained through the acquisition of material things but inner Peace.

“Sometimes it is not easy to remember that peace can not just be earned by other things we think can give peace.

“So many times as human beings, we believe that Peace can come through material things. It is not so because I have witnessed in the past that big rich people do commit suicide.

“When you see people walking and dressing well you think they don’t have problems, they do”.

According to Rev Pam, like the disciples of Jesus, we seek solutions from a distance while it is close to us.

He said those who run from one pole to the other easily forget their solutions are closer to them tend to always live in confusion.

He said we have the power to fix our problems as a country and we don’t need to look for the solutions elsewhere as Jesus is greater than the problem of the world.

He said the noise we make every time on social media is like trial and error. He said Jesus withdrew from the noise of the crowd so He can have the power to rebuke the storm.

He said Nigeria and Plateau state must move forward no matter the great noise making the rounds on social media and other quarters.

He said as the spirit of the Lord moves on the face of the water so shall our problems in this country vanish away.

Pam said there are “noise believers” almost everywhere who believe in every noise made on social media. The social media messages he asserted “are hindrances to success” but said we must remain “still and calm” just as Jesus remained Still and Calm during the storm rocking the boat.

According to him. “inner peace is greater than the noise on social media”.

He called on the Chaplains to be focused and believe the conference will be a turning point for the nation and their various states.

He urged them to take their responsibilities seriously and ensure they intercede daily for their state governors, the President and, the nation at large.

“The meeting today will turn Nigeria into a miracle. Our politicians should link up with God as power comes from God not, from the east or the west.

“The trouble we are having now is all about the 2023 elections. If politicians can be patient, we will all achieve our dreams.

“It’s unfortunate that our politicians forget about death. Let them connect with God”!

He said our success as a nation can only be achieved through prayers as God still answers prayers till today insisting that what you have is what determines how God answers you.

He said Nigeria will still move on no matter the raging storm only if we remain ” Still and Calm”!

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