By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

The newly appointed Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, said his leadership will invest heavily in human capital development aimed at developing core competencies, which is a panacea for growth and success of any organization.

“My leadership shall uphold the tenets of meritocracy over and above any ethnic, religious, cultural or emotional affiliations. Hence, we shall review our methods and system of conducting promotion exercises for personnel and ensure we correct all anomalies and imbalances in order to continue to motivate and strengthen the morale of our productive workforce.”

Speaking yesterday during his inaugural address, Audi said, “preparatory to turning the Corps into a world class organization, I shall surround myself with a team of experts in their chosen endeavours, professionals in various fields and a think-tank that will spearhead the digitalization process of the Corps.”

He said absolute consideration for merit shall guide the policy direction on appointments, promotion and deployment “as we tilt towards the application of modern security techniques to advance our course of action and enforcement in bringing a remarkable reduction to incidences of crime within the shortest time in the society.

“Without mincing words, my leadership shall ensure continuity of the good legacies of past administrations and adopt innovations to break new grounds.”

On Agro-Rangers, he said the Unit which is the latest addition to the mandates of the Corps will also be repackaged and re-branded.

“We shall fortify the rangers with adequate training and re-training programmes to key into the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure food security and banish hunger in the country by protecting and securing farmers and their investments from incessant attacks by bandits, cattle rustlers, terrorists and other criminal elements

“Without accountability, transparency and good leadership, it would be difficult for any organization to achieve its full potentials as a thriving force with values and work ethos. As the new Commandant General of the Corps, 1 shall maintain a high ethical standard to bring about transformational leadership, which will rid the Corps of impunity, ensure discipline and regimentation, transparent and judicious use of funds, accountability and probity in the management of men and resources in line with global best practices.

“In my era, I will bring up a formidable Women Corps that will compete favourably with their male counterparts in training, tactics and efficiency in Service delivery

“Having acquainted you with some of my programmes, may I now humbly appeal to all officers and men across our strategie national spread to key into these various action plan: your cooperation is needed to move the Corps forward. I charge you all to make sure that as security personnel, you do not compromise our values and integrity but ensure you work assiduously as patriotic citizens and ambassadors of excellence wherever you are deployed to serve.”

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