By Chibuike Ohaegbulam

Few days to the inauguration of Nigeria’s 16th President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the reality of the approaching official handing over of the mantle of leadership has thrown nay-sayers into a well of intense agony. It is indeed a sad end to the unwholesome activities of purveyors of fake news and merchants of disinformation notably from the opposition camps against the person of the President-Elect. Despite the fabrications and lies against Asiwaju’s health status, actual age, alleged forgery of certificate, drug peddling propaganda, dual citizenship to allegations of election rigging against him, it is glaring that he will be sworn in, come 29th May, 2023. Kudos The Jagaban of the universe.

Regardless of their antics, it is clear that a successful handover process will take place as scheduled much to the chagrin of haters. Their baseless and pointless noise and plans have since been squashed and the environment is calm and peaceful while arrangements are being made to ensure a peaceful handover occasion. He will, before their eyes, soon assume the mantle of leadership as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One can only imagine this sad reality for Asiwaju’s mockers seeing that their desperate efforts to pursue a supposed well and highly coordinated orchestrations have turned to futility. All gone down the drain. The President-Elect overcame all the petty allegations thrown at him, won a legitimate democratic election and will honourably become Nigeria’s new leader for the next four years, at least.

From all indications, inauguration plans are proceeding seamlessly. This also buttresses the statement he made during a townhall meeting in Osun State where he said “Emi Lo Kan” meaning “it is my Turn” it is indeed his time as no obstacle is capable of stopping him. All the disgruntled elements who fanned the embers of disunity in the country, calling for interim government and the arrest of the INEC chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu over what they believe were incredulous polls will be put to shame. Several groups have staged protests making frivolous demands and interpreting the law as they deem fit to suit their ignorance, frustrations and selfish concerns.

One begins to wonder at what point the constitutional rights to freedom of expression can be curbed because it is most definitely not in the place of citizens to call for an Interim National Government, an aberration unknown to the Nigeria legal system. I bet it was the intention of these unscrupulous elements to destabilize the country and force an interim Government on us but for the timely action of security agencies that thwarted the plan. Thumb up to the patriots!

Meanwhile, confusion is currently rocking the camps of the opposition as to who amongst them actually won the just concluded presidential election. Two parties shamelessly continue to display their confusion as they try to convince themselves of supposed victory. More so, these desperadoes and their supporters in a final attempt to grasp at straws and stall the inauguration tried to explore judicial technicalities. Unfortunately for them, the judiciary as the last hope of the masses did not oblige their baseless arguments.

To further dispel credibility of their court case and remaining hope, 3 political parties (AA, APM and APP) that joined them in their fruitless venture have withdrawn their cases. Meanwhile, other adamant parties, through their lawyers for lack of proof and evidence requested a shift of the hearing date when their case was called upon. How laughable.

Information even has it that their case files are shrouded in lies and cheap social media propaganda bordering around unsubstantiated issues, which cannot be proven in a competent court of law and will definitely not hold water hence their request for more time.
As the new administration is inevitably inaugurated come May 29th, which is inevitable, let us all show our support to the new leadership by eschewing actions that could endanger our democracy.

While the Tribunal proceedings are ongoing, aggrieved parties are advised to patiently wait for the outcome and shun acts detrimental to our unity and peaceful coexistence. The earlier discontented persons and groups accept this reality and embrace the new dispensation, the better for them and Nigeria as a whole. Now that the Presidential inauguration is finally here and Tinubu will be President, can we please rise and support him (Nigeria).

Ohaegbulam is a member
of the South East Support Group
for 2023 Presidential Inauguration (SES-GPI)

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