By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

The Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, NCPC, Rev Dr. Yakubu Pam has said Plateau State needs help to cushion the effect of the prolonged crises that had ravaged the state since 2001.

A statement issued yesterday by his Media Aide, Pam Ayuba, said the NCPC boss stated this while delivering a keynote address at the maiden Kamkur Samuel Foundation, KSF, Plateau Peace Conference which held Tuesday 21 September 2021 at the SARAU Event Centre in Jos.

Plateau, he said, has witnessed a lot of crises that has left thousands of Internally Displaced Persons without food, clothings or shelter scattered in different IDPs camps in the state.

The NCPC boss said the events of the recent past where many people were killed in different crises spots between July and August this year took place while he was performing the 2020 pilgrimage in Jordan.

He said many people believed the crisis that broke up in Jos in 2001 would have ended in two to three days but it has prolonged to over 20 years, a situation he said was regretable.

He said for the crises to end all Plateau elites must come together to speak with one voice and shun violent acts that usually ended up in ethnic motivated speeches and sentiments.

“It’s time to come together and speak with one voice. we must end these crises. Anything can happen with anybody and the need for us to come together so that Plateau will bounce back again”. He said!

Speaking on the topic “Peaceful Coexistence” he said there are many crises that exist in the world but “the duration of time for our conflicts has been over 20 years almost compared to that of Afganistan, Israel and Gaza which he said had dragged for a longer time”.

“When the Jos crisis started all had thought it will end in two or there days but regretably it has dragged for too long.

“Over 60 percent of leaders are responsible for the deep problems we have in prolonging the Jos crises. We must avoid sentiments and speak with one voice.

“Leaders must speak for all and not for one side alone. To end the crises, we must learn some lessons from the Kingdom of Jordan.

“Jordan has 10 per cent Christians but they live in complete harmony with their bigger Muslim population. You can’t differentiate who’s a Muslim or Christian even in their government set up.

“We must see humanity in people. We must stop retaliation and encourage our youths to be engaged in meaningful ventures.

He said we can move forward if we all make research into the lingering problems of Jos and how we can handle them like Jordan who has 10% Christians and they’re living peacefully. He said the most important thing is that they’re all Jordanian’s.

He said here in our country we look at each other suspiciously because we don’t trust one another.

According to the NCPC boss, “if we use violence in solving our problems the problems will continue to move on”.

He said the killings and slaugtering of little kids is so disgusting as they are human beings.

According to Rev Pam the road map to achieving peace in Plateau state is we must run away from revenge. He decried the way and manner killings has been assumed as normal where a whole household can be wiped out.

He said we require a lot of work and commitment and the government contribution to help us we live together.

“There’s need to engage everyone and especially our youths. The peace meetings that have been held so far have produced fruits and said most of the crises are created because of merchants of violence.

Said it’s not time to make speeches but to speak to the authorities. Said those in government must stand up to condemn this.violence and promote peaceful living.

He said we need all relevant actors to be engaged in the peace building process by making sure we all live to this ideal in life. we all need to respect these ideals for peaceful existence.

If we need to promote togetherness, we must look at the Youths and how they can coordinate their talents by raising soft loans to support them to fight poverty and engage them in business.

” The youths are the hope and future of Nigeria. The youths and women needs to be spoken of and be encouraged as they are good in businesses.

“We must encourage voices of justice who must speak to end the prolonged crisis. We talk of peace without justice. If we all come together to talk about being fair, justice must be seen to be done”.

He said we need good governance as corruption is fast destroying the country as people can no go into public service without corruption.

He opined, the best way for Plateau to bounce back is to go back to the drawing board and institute dialogue and encourage people to ventilate.

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