By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

Christians in Nigeria have been called upon to rise from their slumber and pick up their assignments and not kill their vision.

The battle we face today is all about waging the “border war”. We shouldn’t be ” frustrated” but be able to rise and face the enemy at the border.

“Challenges are but platforms that God uses to catapult us to greatness”.

A statement issued recently by his Media Aide, Pam Ayuba said the NCPC boss made the call while preached during two separate church services at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, TCNN, Bukuru and the Assemblies of God Church Northern Nigeria, AGNN, Gura-Riyom, Gyel, all in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

At the TCNN, Chapel, Rev Pam who was the guest speaker at the annual Thanksgiving service of the Seminary said Thanksgiving is a part of Christian life and believers should see this as a clarion call to thank God in all situations.

According to the ES, who also doubles as the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Northern Nigeria and the FCT, Abuja challenged Christians to
have hope, which he said, “without it, we can go nowhere”!

Rev Pam who took his bible reading from Ist Thessalonians 5: 16-18 said apostle Paul who was addressing the people of Thessalonians at a perilous time told them to always rejoice, pray and thank God in every situation.

He said the Thessalonian people were passing through persecution and the message of Paul was to encourage them not to despair but to see the resurrection of Jesus Christ as their only hope.

“Hope is important to all believers. If we don’t have hope, we can’t go anywhere.

“We need to have hope in our country, Nigeria.

“The country, just like Thessalonica in the days of Paul, is passing through many challenges. All we need is hope!

“There’s still hope in Nigeria. The number of refugees, notwithstanding, we are still managing the country with the hope that things will get better.

“Hope is all about changing our conditions. Paul spoke to the Thessalonians about the hope that’s awaiting them on the last day.

“I see hope returning to Nigeria. We shall conquer our enemies. No matter the condition we pass through as a people, we must have hope that our tomorrow shall be better than today”!

According to Rev Pam, God spoke through the Prophet Jeremiah: 29:11 that He has a plan for us.

He said ‘if there is still life and good health, he sees somebody rising with hope in their family like Mandela who had hoped while in the penitentiary said: “the future is bright”.

He prayed that our spirits must be provoked to do good works and said because we have a God who is in us greater than the one in the world we should be confident of the hope we have which Is “beyond human life” insisting further, “the hope in Christ is the only thing that saves us”.

He said we were born to occupy and carry out our assignment saying “understanding the times and the situation we shall overcome.

“Let us rise and pick up our assignments and not be afraid just like David who fought Goliath, Moses who led the children of Israel to cross the Red Sea and Joshua who led them to cross River Jordan.

Speaking on problems he said “problem pass problem” urging “believers not to be lazy but should rise and work”!

He said in the city of Thessalonica where persecution was violent, Paul told the believers to rejoice over the situation bedevilling them saying “if there’s anything the devil does is that he steals our inner minds.

He said “with a sound mind a Christian can control the devil and even heaven and said the opposite of that sound mind is fear which he said, “God does not give us the spirit of fear and timidity but of a sound mind”.

He said there is psychological warfare going on in our world and only a sound and spirit-filled mind can demonic spirits be defeated.

According to him “boldness is what God wants in us and we need to display it as God can use any person to achieve his purpose.

“Be in control of your mind as God is not man, not to keep his words. God deals with the minds of individuals.

“What comes to you is not physical but spiritual. The battle of the mind is all about being bold and not feeble.

“Whatever happens today or tomorrow is all about God’s time. All the suicide bombing days in Nigeria have an end.

“The church has been under serious attacks but they have come and gone just like the days of Maitasine, no situation is permanent. What we need is to remain focused and be strong”!

He bemoaned “jealousy in the church” describing it as “more dangerous than the outside world.

“What we need is endurance and not to give up on the battlefield. The battle is not about shooting guns but acknowledging that Greater is He that’s in you than the one in the world.

“Whatever situation you find yourself in, rejoice as God is with you.

“Prayer is important. It doesn’t have time but every time. Pray without season, says the bible.

“Prayer goes with the spirit-mind. Prayer is not meant for you alone but you need to pray for others as well.

“Thanksgiving is the best. As a country, a church, seminary, or wherever we are, we need to thank God for His protection and upliftment.

“The devil does not want to see you enjoy the glory of God but we must overcome by showing up in the atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

” A still heart is like still water. Peace is more than money is more than the future”.

Preaching, during the fundraising of the AGNN, Gyel 1, Rev Pam who’s the General Overseer of the church told believers to be prepared as the battle they’re waging is at the border.

Reading from the old testament book of Numbers 13:26- 28, Rev Pam said
the biggest success of a vision lies “on a good number of those who support and don’t support it.

“A vision succeeds with strong opposition. There’s a problem if you don’t have opposition”.

“He said Moses was almost frustrated when he received the revelation of taking the children of Israel to the promised land”.

In every difficult situation, God always wants us to be refined as part of His Permissive Will to show His glory.

“God intends us to pass through the steps of difficulties as He intends us to be more refined.

“The battle becomes tougher when you are at the border.

” When you’re closed to victory the devil will rise. You shall cross over only you need to be bold and courageous.

“At the border,r field you will have supporters who will be for and against you.

“The state of your mind is important in winning the battle and never giving up.

“You’re not on earth to occupy space but to create an impact. Let’s be bold and courageous”.

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