By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

The Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, NCPC, Rev Dr. Yakubu Pam has called on Berom Community Association, Lagos, BECAL, “to be united and pursue their dreams as a people and not to live fake lives.
He said “fake life kills” and does not represent the truth about a people and as a community, they should imbibe the virtues of good, harmonious living and shun criminality to gratify their selfish desires.

Rev Pam gave the charge in a message delivered at the third edition of Wusal Berom in Lagos state (started in 2018) aimed at bringing Berom sons and daughters who are residing in Lagos state undertaking different jobs to honor God and fellowship with one another.

Rev Pam who spoke on the Topic: Building The Walls charged them to respect and honor their host community as it will not only go down well with them but expose them to better friendship and understanding.

He said people are what they are because of certain things that have been deposited in them by God urging they must ensure they unite and relate with other people to attain lofty heights.

Rev Pam who was the guest speaker at the annual non-denominational service of BECAL took his text from the books of Nehemiah 3:17 and 1 Corinthians 3:10-13 stressing the need for unity, relationship, and respect.

He said building a dream entails avoiding building individuals but the people insisting this attitude destroys the very essence of togetherness and kills the destinies of many.

According to the NCPC boss, “it’s criminal for people to carry the dream of people to build an individual stressing further that “unity is essential in building a community just as Nehemiah did during his time”.

Rev Pam said, “the dream of the Berom people will not die if we come together as one and avoid building individuals”.

He asserted further that if the Berom must succeed as a people ” we need to honor those that are ahead of us like Nehemiah did.

“Nehemiah built a strong relationship with people and got favor from the King who was not a jew and when he made one call, people came out to help in rebuilding the walls because he was not a selfish leader.

“If we must succeed as a people, we must learn to build relationships with people outside of the land to push our agenda forward. This relationship helps a lot.

“When we have good friends it will help us as a people. Education is not important in building relationships but a good relationship does.

“When you respect relationships people will respect us, so we the Berom people must learn to relate with others and have good friends.

“It is sad to see the hatred we have developed against one another which is hindering our growth.

According to Rev Pam as a people, we need to build bridges of unity cutting across the board and it’s not building with blocks but building with shared responsibility.

He said everyone has a dream and said he sees a brighter future for all Berom people. He said he sees especially sons of nobody becoming somebody tomorrow and said people will respect you because there’s something in you.

He said people are known for what they are and said in the building we know people when they’re tested and who can stand the test of time.

He however said it’s sad some people don’t even know their purpose of existence on earth and said the Berom people must know the reality of our present-day existence and know what they stand for and must ensure they build relationships with other people all over.

“We are here today I want to see Berom Mandelas and the Obamas of our time and the time has come that we shall see the Berom make it in life. Time to build your dream. Be a man from today”.

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