The Director General of the Department of State Services, Alhaji Yusuf Magaji, CFR fwc, since assuming the helm of affairs of the foremost intelligence agency has exemplified exceptional leadership. This has without an iota of doubt, steered the affairs of the organisation towards the successful fulfilment of its mandate. The noble agency, known for its dedicated efforts in maintaining the internal security of Nigeria, has sustained and indeed elevated its commitment under the direction of Bichi. A man of extensive experience, with diverse portfolios encompassing administration, field operations, intelligence analysis, counterterrorism and more, it is evident that Bichi’s wealth of expertise and proven track record led to his recall from retirement to serve as the DGSS.

As a former staff, I can attest to the transformative impact of Bichi’s unique management style within the DSS. I have observed that his strategic initiatives and operational expertise have not only enhanced the organization’s effectiveness in addressing emerging threats but have also strengthened its capacity to safeguard national interests.

In Nigeria, security challenges have been complex, ranging from terrorism and insurgency to cybercrime, communal clashes, banditry, kidnapping among others. However, I categorically make bold to state that, Bichi’s leadership has resulted in several achievements that have enhanced Nigeria’s national security. Under Bichi’s guidance, the Department of State Services (DSS) has adopted a comprehensive approach to counterterrorism, successfully disrupting terrorist networks and preventing planned attacks. The DSS’s intelligence-driven operations have been instrumental in identifying and neutralising threats posed by extremist elements, thereby enhancing the safety and security of communities across the country.

Also, Bichi’s tenure has been marked by successful counterintelligence operations that have effectively exposed and neutralised foreign espionage activities, thereby safeguarding sensitive information and national interests. Under his guidance, the DSS has played a vital role in protecting critical assets, including government facilities, infrastructure and VIPs through proactive security measures and strategic resource deployment. Moreover, fostering closer collaboration with other security agencies has facilitated seamless information sharing and coordinated joint operations, particularly in addressing complex security challenges such as transnational crime and terrorism. His leadership approach further aligns seamlessly with the government’s strategy of “whole of government and whole of society,” which emphasises collaboration across all sectors to address security challenges comprehensively and inclusively.

Likewise, within the DSS, staff morale is high due to the countless administrative restructuring Bichi has embarked on to enhance their welfare. This ranges from remuneration, training and capacity building, health and retirement benefits, seamless promotions, gender mainstreaming as well as provision on conducive work environment. His unprecedented commitment to the welfare of his staff sets a new standard, surpassing anything witnessed during previous administrations, including my own time in active service. The facts speak for themselves. Additionally, he has prioritised acquisition of staff accommodation, specialised operational vehicles and state of the art gadgets for enhanced productivity. As a retired Staff himself, Bichi has ensured has not forgotten or neglected us. He has maintained a robust support system for retired personnel, extending diverse welfare packages not only to us but also to our families. He is indeed, a father to all. Through all these measures, Bichi has fostered a culture of empowerment and engagement which has resulted in a highly motivated and dedicated workforce committed to the agency’s mission.

In light of these strides, it comes as no surprise that subversive elements or disloyal groups and individuals persist in their criticism, aiming to distract Bichi from attaining further successes and maintaining the momentum of progress. However, it is foolhardy to underestimate the steadfastness of Bichi’s administration. Despite such challenges, he has shown remarkable resilience and remained a sturdy oak in the face of adversity.

As the DSS continues its mission to protect the nation’s internal security, Bichi’s leadership remains indispensable. His exemplary attainments in intelligence and security underscore the agency’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to ensuring the safety and security of Nigeria.


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