By Lengs

Mr. Obikas lived in an average middle class in south East Nigeria. He had a good paying job, enough to enrol his children in good schools. But that was a bad idea for the man. His problem was food. Every end of the month Mr. Khan submits all his money to his wife for shopping. The wife would buy varieties of food and meat to the extend that neighbours nicknamed them “house of food”. His neighbours advised him about reckless spending but he wouldn’t listen. “Man must eat” was always his reply to any correction. One faithful day, his office wanted to retire people who served for 20 years and his name was among those pencilled for retirement. When Mr. Obikas got the news, he became like a chicken scared of festivity. Shiver called him by name. Nothing was good for him again. No proper education for his children and no house for his family. He kept thinking about what to do but was short of ideas. When the letter eventually came out, Mr. Obikas relocated to the village. He was not having money for sumptuous feeding. Even the villagers could not understand how mighty food consumer ended up returning home like a defeated rag tag army.

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