The Coalition of Peace In Nigeria (COPIN), has warned a faceless Northern group threatening to lead protest against the amiable Director-General of State Services (DG SS), Alh. YM Bichi, to desist forthwith, or face a counter-offensive by well-meaning Nigerians, who are better informed about the state of affairs in our dear country.

COPIN in a statement by Pharm. Emeka Akwuobi
(National Coordinator) and
Hajiya Fatih Yakub (National Secretary), said its investigations, as a patriotic, non-profit group, revealed that billions of naira have been earmarked for this orchestrated demolition campaign against a gentleman officer, who is widely described as a “reformer”, “transformative”, and “welfarist” leader.

“We want the so-called Northern Group to answer the following questions, before embarking on what is obviously an ill-motivated and subversive action:

“Where, in contemporary history, did a serving Central Bank Governor declare interest in partisan politics, considering the enormity of the monetary policy challenges before him?

“Should the public not ask questions on why, until today, the group’s benefactor did not denounce the branding of over one hundred exquisite vehicles in his name, at a time when the poor masses were struggling try o survive?

“How easy is it for these characters, who do not represent the interest of a sophisticated entity such as Northern Nigeria, to forget this heartless comment, in the wake of that devilish naira redesign: ‘Let them (Nigerians have heart attacks; it’s good to have a heart attack”?

“As a responsible civil society organisation (CSO), we dare to say that we will not allow any institution of government to be ridiculed, or undermined by any discredited individual, purporting to deploy a certain fundamental human right which, to all intent and purpose, is not absolute.

“We, therefore, wish to sound a note of warning to these characters trying to intimidate government establishments, that Nigeria is a nation governed by extant laws.

“At all material times, individuals, and groups must uphold the principle of “presumption of regularity” on the part of agencies of government, hence the compelling need to allow the rule of law to take its course.”

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