*Says impeachment is a constitutional issue, not coup

*As Bala Mohammed calls Rivers’ crisis a family problem

By Jerry Daks, Abuja

Minister of Federal Capital Territory, FCT, and immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyeson Wike has declared that he can never be intimidated by anybody, warning that he has the capacity to fight back.
Wike made the declaration on Tuesday when a delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party Governors’ Forum, PDP-GF, led by its Chairman, Senator Bala Mohammed paid him a courtesy call in his office in Abuja.
Wike, who was apparently referring to the political crisis between him and his successor in office, Governor Siminalaye Fubara, equally said that nobody can take away the political structure he has built in Rivers State.
The Minister made it pointedly clear that impeachment is a constitutional matter and not a coup, in an apparent reference to claims that he (Wike) was the one instigating some members of Rivers State House of Assembly to begin an impeachment process against the state Governor, Siminalaye Fubara.
He expressly stated that he still remains a bonafide member of the PDP, stressing that he has never hidden his decision.
According to the Minister of FCT, “They have talked about the crisis in Rivers state, let me tell anybody who cares that nobody can intimidate me, it does not matter whether you go and bring thugs, or you say you are Ijaw.
“if I want to do something, I will do it. “Impeachment is not a military coup, Impeachment is provided for under the constitution”, he said.
Continuing, Wike said, “Nobody can take away our political structure, no one.
“I have listened to them and for me, you cannot work and people will begin to bring enemies, those who fought you, nobody does that.
“About the rumours of money this and that, all that is rubbish, I just left office how many months ago and I am the FCT minister, which money?
“I hear they said I gave a limit of what he (Governor Siminalaye Fubara) can do, that i want 25 percent, these are ridiculous. I am not a political ingrate, but don’t touch the political structure in Rivers state, I will not shut my eyes”, he stated.
Making reference to those who are attacking him, the Minister said, “Forget about the Obedients (supporters of Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party) and the Atikus (Supporters of the PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar) who have lost, who felt I did not support them and those who i revoked their C of O s. Wike did this, wike did that, because I did not support their presidential candidates, all those things I am not perturbed, I will only do which is right.
“The President is our father, he has spoken, we will see where it takes us, but no amount of propaganda. My conscience is clear.
“Nobody can rubbish me. I am not a person you can go to the social media and say all kinds of things and you go free, so be careful I have the capacity to fight back”, he said.
Speaking earlier, the Senator Bala Mohammed expressed the firm optimism that the crisis in Rivers State will be resolved in family way.
The Chairman of the PDP-GF, who led three other Governors on the visit to Wike, said, “We are proud you (Wike) are still one of us. So long as he’s still with us, we are with him. And Because we know it is family problem, it will be resolved in a way that we least expect.
“We thank you and we continue to urge you to continue to be a mentor, to be a leader, not only your state, but of our party, national issues, especially the most trusted person of Mr President.
“We are proud of this dual mandate and multifarious position that you have assumed .
“You are growing in your pedigree, even though you contested election with me but I know your pedigree has risen very high.
“We are sure you are going to make your quality contributions to the growth and development of Nigeria, especially at this level given, your antecedents in Rivers state.
“On behalf of my colleagues, we are very grateful for your maturity and your willingness to accommodate and swallow all the issues and peaceable place which is Rivers state and for you to continue to dispense your onerous responsibility to Mr President in this bipartisan responsibility God has given you.
“Thank you very much for given us the opportunity to meet you within very short notice. We know how crowded and busy you are”, Bala Mohammed said.

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